There are 4 ways a player can help maintain and grow this community. Donate, Post, Invite, and Encourage others to do the same.


Inorder for our community to continue to grow and exist, i am reaching out to our players to help keep everything going. It takes loads of time and money to provide what we are all currently enjoying.

Invite Your Friends

Here is a prepared message that might encourage your friends to join you on the server.

Hey, check out this server i've been playing on lately! Its setup to make both PVP and PVE possible. You don't have to worry about players destroying your whole base because ORP kicks in after 10 seconds. Baby raising is 80% shorter and the nights are a lot shorter too. They even have an event once a month with prizes.

Post/Comment on our Server

By posting/commenting, you let players know from a current players perspective, how good or bad the server is. Posting is the number one way to help advertise this server and the number one way to create for yourself; an active community.

The list below is all of the places we are currently aware of that you can Post/Comment about Ark Servers.

TIP: please for your own safety, create if you don't already have one, a gaming email account. Gmail is a great source. Simply provide dummy information and then your done. This keeps you safer online.